Lauren paints and writes the syndicated 
Straight Talk column from her
workspace in Sebastopol, California

For more about Lauren's art, see the 
American River Messenger feature story Feb 2009

Painting dropped into my life suddenly, in one of those what-doesn't-flatten-you-makes-you-stronger moments. It was 1997 at "Wild Carrots",  a women's group held in an art studio in Point Reyes, Calif. There were brushes, paints, clay, wires, hammers, doll parts, car parts, everything. I was drawn to the paints and brushes with no inkling of a latent talent. This was the phase of life where I was home raising my four kids, all under age 8. Those first paintings seriously altered the course of my life.

Now those beautiful children have flown, and my journey continues, still self-taught, with each canvas still bringing joy, terror and bewilderment (fortunately, mostly joy, lol) — and LOTS of mystery. I love painting and were it not that I'm also called to the nonprofit work I do with and for young people, there'd be 10 times more art here! Pray for success at Straight Talk so I can hire help and paint more! 

For me, it's all One, God and Earth inseparable, and my landscapes and flowers are mostly valentines. Others paintings are prayers for humanity, myself, the world, or they tell metaphysical stories I'm unable to put into words. Painting is my soul-work and I'm so thankful for it. I honestly cannot imagine where I would be without it. 

My paintings are in private collections throughout the United States and abroad. If you love something that has already sold, in most cases, I can make prints — or even paint something similar. Just email and we'll get a conversation started. —xo Lauren 

SPECIAL THANKS to Linda, my writing teacher in Point Reyes, who finally got me to Wild Carrots, Cynthia Hartman Mussat for the keys to my first studio in Wilton, N.H., Barbara Kaufman, my early art agent in LA who helped me believe in myselfRhys Williams for building my current studio for the love of art and a couple of hamburgers, Brandan Topham in Oregon for creating this website out of the kindness of his and his dad's heart, helped along by a geology flashback, my mom for hanging photocopies of my paintings all over her house and being "amazed" (this is actually illegal, only Moms can do this), my kids for being proud of me back in the beginning, which only made me want to paint more, my brother Jim for being my "Theo", my partner Chuck for loving my art and "getting" me, to EVERYONE who's bought something, you ROCK! You make my day, my week, my month, sometimes my year, and finally to the Great Mystery that keeps me marveling at all this beauty. —Love You ALL!